Chambres et Petit-Déjeuner - Bed and Brekfast - Habitaciones y desayuno

Gite albergue Gavarnie Oxygene

Gîte albergue Hostal "Oxygène" Gavarnie

La vue depuis toutes les chambres - The view from all the rooms - La vista desde todas las habitaciones.

Grande salle commune multimédia - Gran sala común multimedia - Large common room multimedia

Terrasse et parking - Parking y terrace - Terraza y estacionamiento

GAVARNIE: Patrimoine Mondial MPPM UNESCO

9 Chambres 5-9 places - 9 habitaciones 5-9 plazas - 9 rooms for 5-9 people

Douche Salle de bain - Shower Bathroom - Ducha Baño

Mezzanine chambres au 2ème étage

Chambres mezzanine

En lieu et place de l'auberge du guide Célestin Passet 1845-1917

Group rooms 10-20 people: Check our rates and availability
4 bedrooms for 5 pers. on the 1st floor ideal group 10 to 20 pers.
Base rate: 10 pers./min.

– 10 pers. min / max. on 2 bedrooms.
– 15 pers. min / max. on 3 bedrooms.
– 20 pers. min / max. on 4 bedrooms.


OPTION: Breakfast.
Shower, WC., Storage areas.

  • Sheets not provided.
  • Duvet “couette” provided.

Schedule – Service:
Breakfast: from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m.
Closure of common room: 9:00 p.m.
For the respect of all:
Shoes/mountains shoes prohibited on the rooms.
Tongues, fangs, sandals recommended.
Private shaded parking.
Rooms facing south, facing the Cirque de Gavarnie.